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Skapa is an award-winning Strategic Branding and Integrated Design Consultancy based in Atlanta. It comprises an experienced team of designers and engineers in areas like Exhibition Design, Retail Design, Product Development, User Experience, Identity and branding, Print Publication, and Web and interactive. 

We create impactful design ideas that manifest and leverage your core business objectives through strategic innovation and design interventions to make a meaningful difference for brands, spaces, interfaces, packaging, and products. 

Our Team

Santanu Majumdar B_W.jpg
Santanu Majumdar
Exhibition + Retail Design

Tel: +1 225 324 7835

Ayesha Sarkar.jpg
Ayesha Sarkar
Business Development + Marketing

Tel: +91 99584 11866

Diana Davies B_W.jpg
Diana Davies
Architect + Design

Deirdre Cohen B_W.jpg
Deirdre Cohen
Client Liaison + Accounts

Brandon Lee B_W.jpg
Brandon Lee
Project Manager + Planning

Justin Walker B_W.jpg
Justin Walker
Technology + Troubleshooting

Ana Pleasant B_W.jpg
Ana Pleasant
Shipping + Logistics

Steve Parker B_W.jpg
Steve Parker
Planning + Execution

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